Vis Maior

About Vis Maior

Goals: Our goal is to remain at the forefront of PvE progression while maintaining a close-knit atmosphere that has sustained our guild for so long.

Raid Schedule: Our typical raid times are 5:30 PST - 11:00 PST Sunday - Thursday. During progression we will start earlier, raid later, and raid on Friday and Saturday as well.

Loot: Loot is officer-decided, based on overall benefit to the guild, member attendance, recent items awarded, size of upgrade, contribution to raids, and other factors. We have no tolerance for loot drama.

Atmosphere: Our guild is full of smartasses who love to tackle challenges and have fun doing it. If you make a mistake, you will hear about it. Then you will hear about it again, and again, and again. If you cannot take a joke, we are not the guild for you. If you are not willing to die repeatedly and push yourself to beat new encounters, we are not the guild for you. If you can't learn from your mistakes and work to improve upon them, we are not the guild for you. If you are the kind of person who cannot work as part of a team and take constructive advice and criticism, this guild is not for you.


Desired Classes: Please check the main page for a list of what we are currently recruiting. We only recruit classes when and if we need them, but we may consider applications from exceptional players of all classes in rare situations. We typically recruit players to fulfill a role as a certain spec, but prefer players capable of and geared for playing multiple specs. We don't recruit "backup" players.

Schedule: We are looking for people who can commit to near 100% attendance. If you can't realistically commit to all of our typical raid times, then we can't consider your application.

Gear: You must have optimal Naxx gear with many upgrades from Ulduar. Please include a link to your Armory profile in your application.

Experience: You should have significant hardcore raiding experience on hardmodes in Ulduar. If you aren't currently in a hardcore raiding guild, then you must prove to us that could thrive in a hardcore raiding environment.

Skill: You should be one of the best players you've ever met. If you are applying for a DPS slot, please include DPS parses.

Attitude: Your passion in WoW must be to get top world kills. You should always want what's best for the guild over personal benefit. This should be evident in your interactions with us. Loot whores, drama queens, and casuals need not apply.

Reputations/Achievements: There are no particular requirements for reputations or achievements, but it should be evident through your reputations and achievements that you are a dedicated player.

PvP: We're a PvE guild, so PvP experience is not required. If you have arena teams we may judge your skill by your ratings. Although we do have many competitive PvP players on our roster, we don't recruit players for PvP.

UI: We don't have any particular UI requirements, but we do prefer players who have spent time to perfect their UIs. Screenshots are appreciated!

Transfer: We expect you to transfer as soon as we decide to recruit you. Don't submit an application if you cannot transfer immediately.

Rerolls: We accept reroll applications for exceptional players.

Computer: Your computer must be able to handle raid environments and whatever UI mods you require to perform. If you share a connection with nine other people or run a machine that locks up in Dalaran, please don't waste our time. Ventrilo is required. This includes having a working microphone that doesn't sound like it's mounted somewhere in your nasal cavity or the middle of a hurricane. We don't like the Speex codec, and therefore we are biased against (but not completely opposed to) Mac users.


We do not have a standard "template" for applications. Not because we forgot, but because we don't want you to use one. This is not a job at McDonald's or an anonymous 300 person guild. We want to know that you meet our requirements, but we also want to make sure you're going to fit in. People who take the time to post an intelligent and well thought out application are those who we take seriously.

Write your application in your OWN WORDS. Copy-pasting some bullshit response you posted to some OTHER guild's application questions might seem like a good idea to you, but it's insulting to us and pretty much guarantees a negative response.

Please do not post a half-assed application and expect us to read it. We tend to give our applicants a VERY hard time in the forums. Taking the time to tell us who you are, what you are about, and how you meet our requirements is the best way to get our attention. We can tell if you spent 15 minutes or two hours writing your application. Please try not to post like a drooling reject from the WoW forums; use a spell-check and actual English.

To submit your application, please register on our forums here and PM it to the "Officer" group.


Attendance: You must maintain near perfect attendance.

Performance: You must understand strategies and perform your role effectively. You need to be able to communicate. If you do not understand something, we expect you to ask about it. We analyze your performance on damage/healing meters and general observations in guild after each encounter. You should constantly strive to improve and make yourself stand out. You are expected to have appropriate consumables to raid each day. This includes multiple flasks or elixirs, potions, food, weapon oils / poisons, and reagents. If you do not have the time or finances to support this, you should probably consider a more casual guild.

Attitude: You must prove that you'll not only be a capable raider, but a great person to be guilded with. We expect recruits to be constantly interacting with members.

Process: During your untagged four week recruitment period, you will be constantly judged by our members. You may be cut at any time during recruitment should you fail to meet our requirements. If you make it the full four weeks, then the active raiding core will vote on whether to allow you in the guild, and the vote must be unanimous. Recruits who pass the vote are then tagged and become full members.