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 Post subject: I am a Jerk
PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 12:26 am 
AIM log. I have no idea who this is...content provided by Vis Maior. I take no blame! I changed the AIM name so this girl doesn't get owned all means she has had enough..haha.

The more I thought about it, the more i thought this girl couldn't be that dumb! But then she gave me her face book and her real name, and everything. I just re-read

If you missed it..I got this random IM (I get a lot of random IMs because of my generic, no #'s AIM name), so i went with it. And I kept pasting it into WoW and asking everyone what I should say next. And it just went on forever..

Firby wanted me to get pics, so i tried to get her facebook name. Then phyra and davi looked up her info on her school website. Somehow davi found more pics...It had her phone #, so we convinced Fab to call, with a 3way through phyra's computer. The first call failed because of bandwidth problems...But the 2nd one was great. Listen carefully to hear fab say "oh shit." Also, this was at 3AM in indy, so, wow.

(21:33:01) Dumbchick: Alison?
(21:33:28) Dumbchick: hey this is brittany...from bio..i was just wondering how your papers coming girlie!?
(21:35:41) Me: hey!
(21:35:41) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : writing a biology paper...god i just wish the semester was over...
(21:35:47) Dumbchick: hey!
(21:35:53) Me: it's coming really well!
(21:35:54) Me: how is yours
(21:36:43) Dumbchick: really? wow lucky, i'm struggling wayyy more on this one, than the cuz my book is anatomy and there isn't anything to analyze or debate..and i don't know how to incorporate a source..because its anatomy for goodness sakes!
(21:36:52) Dumbchick: but good for u!
(21:38:06) Me: so what else is up!
(21:38:48) Dumbchick: not, this has absorbed all of my energy....i'm def. excited about break tho! how bout u? get to see your boy toy alot?
(21:39:39) Me: yea i guess
(21:39:44) Dumbchick: uh oh
(21:39:48) Dumbchick: not good?
(21:41:22) Me: i don't know if i can talk about it
(21:41:37) Dumbchick: awww sweety i'm sorry i brought it up
(21:41:46) Me: it's just, i dont know what to do
(21:42:06) Dumbchick: oh yea, is he being difficult because of distance?
(21:42:24) Dumbchick: because that would surely be hard
(21:42:38) Me: well, last time we were together...well, the condom broken
(21:42:45) Me: and i've been feeling really kind eh latetly..
(21:42:48) Me: i think i might be..
(21:42:53) Dumbchick: oh yea...
(21:42:56) Dumbchick: thats scary
(21:42:57) Dumbchick: are u ok?
(21:43:06) Dumbchick: have u been nauseas?
(21:43:09) Me: i think i'm pregnent brittany
(21:43:12) Me: i don't know what to do
(21:43:13) Dumbchick: omg
(21:43:18) Dumbchick: have u taken any tests
(21:43:21) Dumbchick: do u need anything
(21:43:23) Dumbchick: at all
(21:43:34) Dumbchick: how long ago was it?
(21:44:10) Dumbchick: im sorry, im asking a lot of questions
(21:45:08) Me: it's ok, you're the first person i've said anything to
(21:45:17) Me: please don't tell anyone...
(21:45:20) Dumbchick: aww well im here if you need anything
(21:45:22) Dumbchick: oh i won't
(21:45:25) Dumbchick: its personal
(21:45:46) Me: how do i tell him?
(21:45:51) Me: he doesn't know..
(21:45:54) Dumbchick: ok
(21:45:58) Dumbchick: well...
(21:46:03) Dumbchick: maybe just ease into it
(21:46:16) Dumbchick: say you've been questioning yourself because of the accident you guys had
(21:46:21) Dumbchick: and you're scared
(21:46:25) Dumbchick: and need his support
(21:46:53) Dumbchick: and then kind of see where he goes from there...
(21:48:26) Dumbchick: he needs to know for sure...but he might get scared and freak a little, only natural...but, do you know what you'd like to do about it..if you are i mean...would u get an operation, or decide to go through with it
(21:48:44) Dumbchick: because i know he's catholic and all..i don't know if that matters or not
(21:49:16) Me: well
(21:49:18) Me: i can't tell him
(21:49:20) Me: i just can't
(21:49:23) Dumbchick: yes u can
(21:49:29) Me: well there is another issue
(21:49:31) Dumbchick: u need to tell him
(21:49:32) Dumbchick: ok
(21:49:36) Me: there was this other guy
(21:49:39) Dumbchick: ok
(21:49:43) Dumbchick: from here?
(21:49:55) Me: it was this stupid one night thing
(21:49:59) Dumbchick: yea
(21:50:03) Dumbchick: but did u use one?
(21:50:05) Me: i wasn't feeling like myself
(21:50:08) Dumbchick: ok...
(21:50:13) Dumbchick: lost or alone?
(21:50:24) Me: huh?
(21:50:35) Dumbchick: did u feel alone like u wanted a sorry
(21:50:51) Me: i guess
(21:50:51) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : writing a biology paper...god i just wish the semester was over...
(21:51:10) Me: and well, i'm not sure who would be the father
(21:51:29) Dumbchick: oh ok so u didn't use protection with him?
(21:51:33) Dumbchick: or it broke too?
(21:51:52) Me: he didn't have any, i didn't think..
(21:51:56) Me: i was stupid
(21:52:02) Dumbchick: were u drunk babe?
(21:52:26) Me: yea..i really don't remember a lot
(21:52:34) Dumbchick: ok well
(21:53:13) Dumbchick: was that one of your first times with sam?
(21:53:25) Dumbchick: because i know u said he didn't want to
(21:53:56) Me: i pressured him into's all my fault
(21:54:53) Dumbchick: oh don't blame urself...he did it too...but, if you wanted me too, i could go with you...we could go to the planned parenthood where i get my pills on madison, so u don't have to tell anybody or go alone..u could get tested..its just down the road
(21:55:41) Me: i dont know if i can
(21:55:46) Me: will my parents find out?
(21:55:48) Dumbchick: no
(21:55:50) Dumbchick: not at all
(21:55:52) Me: i heard you can use a coat hanger
(21:55:55) Me: or fall down the stairs
(21:55:57) Me: will you push me?
(21:55:57) Dumbchick: no!
(21:55:59) Dumbchick: lol
(21:56:00) Dumbchick: no hummy
(21:56:02) Dumbchick: hunny*
(21:56:03) Dumbchick: ok
(21:56:20) Dumbchick: so do u want to go? ill go with
(21:56:34) Dumbchick: you're an adult and even if you weren't they can't tell ur parents
(21:57:24) Me: yes...
(21:57:58) Dumbchick: ok well thats good, its the best and most accurate you know if you missed a cycle? and have u done a stick test for the store yet?
(21:59:57) Me: ok well...i need to tell sam i think
(22:00:04) Dumbchick: yea
(22:00:07) Me: well..maybe you couild tell him
(22:00:11) Dumbchick: me?
(22:00:20) Dumbchick: he doesn't know me tho
(22:00:38) Dumbchick: and really it should come from u
(22:01:26) Dumbchick: do u want to tell him before you know for sure?
(22:01:56) Me: the worst part about it, he wasn't even good
(22:02:04) Me: it lasted like one minute
(22:02:23) Dumbchick: well it was his first time, lol... he came that quick?
(22:02:37) Dumbchick: did he cum before it broke then?
(22:03:23) Me: yea
(22:03:43) Dumbchick: ok
(22:03:53) Dumbchick: i'm sorry it wasn't good for you
(22:04:45) Me: it was just so small
(22:05:00) Dumbchick: ohh
(22:05:31) Dumbchick: so it made a difference?
(22:05:58) Me: of course
(22:05:58) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : writing a biology paper...god i just wish the semester was over...
(22:06:13) Dumbchick:
(22:06:26) Dumbchick: have u had someone bigger before?
(22:06:43) Me: eric..
(22:06:48) Me: the one night thing..
(22:06:53) Me: he was black
(22:06:54) Dumbchick: oh ok
(22:06:57) Dumbchick: yea
(22:07:02) Dumbchick: i bet it was different
(22:07:21) Me: he made me call him biffins
(22:07:28) Dumbchick: biffins?
(22:07:41) Me: yea i don't know what it meant
(22:07:42) Dumbchick: why did u do it?
(22:07:46) Dumbchick: weird
(22:07:50) Me: i felt so alone...we had a fight
(22:07:55) Dumbchick: u and sam
(22:08:15) Dumbchick: i'm sorry...
(22:10:28) Me: do you think i should have it?
(22:10:35) Me: what would you do
(22:10:40) Me: :( :( :(
(22:11:20) Dumbchick: what would i do? ummm i cant make you decisions for you...honeslty
(22:12:06) Dumbchick: but i have thought about it before, and i might have an abortion...but it scares me soo much, like i got on the pill right away...
(22:12:11) Dumbchick: but i'm not positive
(22:12:43) Dumbchick: :-\:-(
(22:12:47) Dumbchick: im sorry alison
(22:13:59) Me: it's ok
(22:14:04) Me: thanks for being there for me
(22:14:08) Me: luv ya
(22:14:28) Dumbchick: i luv ya too
(22:15:27) Dumbchick: serioulsy tho
(22:15:36) Dumbchick: let me know if you want me to go with you
(22:15:42) Dumbchick: or need me to be there for something
(22:16:29) Me: yes
(22:16:31) Me: will you go with me?
(22:16:47) Dumbchick: yes i will
(22:16:48) Me: i need to be strong, and having you there will help..i know it
(22:16:52) Me: when
(22:16:58) Dumbchick: i will whenever u want me too
(22:17:16) Me: soon..i want to get it over with
(22:17:19) Dumbchick: ok
(22:17:29) Dumbchick: we can go tomorrow afternoon after classes
(22:17:36) Me: are you sure?
(22:17:38) Dumbchick: yes
(22:17:41) Dumbchick: i'm done after bio
(22:17:59) Me: ok..
(22:18:06) Me: thank you so much
(22:18:08) Me: you are the best
(22:18:10) Dumbchick: ur welcome
(22:18:14) Dumbchick: aww thanks
(22:18:23) Dumbchick: do u have a car
(22:18:24) Me: i dont know what to say
(22:18:28) Dumbchick: don't say anythign
(22:18:39) Dumbchick: we'll just get u taken care of
(22:18:45) Dumbchick: u need to think about u now
(22:18:50) Dumbchick: don't worry about saying anythign
(22:19:10) Me: what about this bio
(22:19:15) Me: i was lying, its not going well
(22:19:18) Dumbchick: no fun huH?
(22:19:19) Dumbchick: lol
(22:19:22) Dumbchick: u butthead
(22:19:23) Me: its terrible
(22:19:25) Dumbchick: lol it is
(22:19:26) Me: i can't concentrate
(22:19:29) Dumbchick: me either
(22:19:30) Me: all i can think about..
(22:19:34) Dumbchick: but i can only imagine
(22:19:36) Dumbchick: yea
(22:20:08) Dumbchick: hey do you want to go for a walk? or anything
(22:21:17) Dumbchick: i know its late you don't have to, i just thought if you wanted to get is cold, lol
(22:22:10) Me: yea
(22:22:10) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : writing a biology paper...god i just wish the semester was over...
(22:22:15) Me: maybe that would help
(22:22:18) Dumbchick: ok
(22:22:24) Dumbchick: well let me get some jeans on
(22:22:26) Dumbchick: and my coat!
(22:22:26) Dumbchick: lol
(22:22:35) Dumbchick: and i'll meet you outside in like 5?
(22:22:37) Dumbchick: min. i mean
(22:22:43) Me: ok
(22:22:49) Me: ill be down in 5
(22:22:49) Dumbchick: ok see u in a few
(22:22:50) Dumbchick: k
(22:23:32) Me: ill go put on my robe and wizard hat
(22:23:32) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : writing a biology paper...god i just wish the semester was over...
(22:23:35) Me: and be right down
(22:23:43) Dumbchick: lol ok
<You are Now Away: goin for a walk>


(22:51:37) Dumbchick: i waited outside and then inside warren for like 20 min
(22:51:39) Me: yea
(22:51:39) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : writing a biology paper...god i just wish the semester was over...
(22:51:41) Dumbchick: ok
(22:51:49) Me: i didn't see you
(22:51:52) Me: in like 3 min
(22:52:07) Dumbchick: huh?
(22:52:40) Me: i waited 3 minutes and got kold..
(22:52:42) Me: cold
(22:52:46) Dumbchick: oh i'm sorry
(22:52:47) Me: and figured you were not coming :(
(22:52:47) Dumbchick: i hurried
(22:52:52) Dumbchick: oh no
(22:52:54) Dumbchick: i did
(22:52:59) Dumbchick: and waited for ever lol
(22:53:02) Dumbchick: i'm sorry
(22:53:33) Me: oh no
(22:53:35) Me: im so sorry
(22:53:45) Me: i thought maybe you didnt really want to go on a walk
(22:53:50) Me: im just so out of it right now
(22:53:58) Dumbchick: yea
(22:54:00) Dumbchick: maybe
(22:54:03) Dumbchick: u should get some sleep
(22:54:11) Dumbchick: and wake up and finish the paper
(22:54:36) Me: yea..maybe your right
(22:54:43) Dumbchick: yea
(22:54:44) Me: you use facebook or myspace
(22:54:47) Me: or friendster?
(22:54:50) Dumbchick: yea facebook
(22:54:59) Me: oh, can you link me your profile?
(22:55:06) Dumbchick: you have it
(22:55:10) Dumbchick: im ur friend
(22:55:14) Me: its not working
(22:55:18) Dumbchick: huh
(22:55:21) Dumbchick: hold on
(22:55:45) Dumbchick: (Blanked outby me)
(22:55:50) Dumbchick: does that work?
(22:59:24) Me: no, i think my computer is messed up
(22:59:29) Dumbchick: uh oh
(22:59:36) Dumbchick: thats weird
(22:59:40) Dumbchick: just the internet?
(23:00:37) Me: i think the problem is facebook
(23:00:47) Me: maybe im spelling your last name wrong
(23:01:03) Dumbchick: oh ok
(23:01:04) Dumbchick: banic
(23:02:19) Me: leoden says your not that hot
(23:02:30) Me: whatever that means
(23:02:51) Dumbchick: leoden? says i'm not hot? whos that?
(23:03:42) Me: leica and webin's friend
(23:04:02) Dumbchick: ohh sorry i don't know them either...but who said i was hot?? lol
(23:04:11) Dumbchick: u?
(23:04:26) Me: you don't know leica? he was the first person to get rank 14
(23:04:43) Dumbchick: rank in what?
(23:04:49) Me: pvp
(23:04:54) Dumbchick: whats that?
(23:05:08) Me: im sorry, im drinking
(23:05:12) Me: im going to do this paper
(23:05:18) Me: otmorrow
(23:05:18) Dumbchick: ok
(23:05:21) Dumbchick: yea
(23:05:25) Me: will you still go with me?
(23:05:29) Dumbchick: yes
(23:05:31) Me: you must harte me
(23:05:35) Dumbchick: no
(23:05:52) Dumbchick: sorry i'm not hot for your friends lol
(23:06:24) Dumbchick: i was so confused about leica and pvp and ranking 14th
(23:06:37) Me: you are hot..
(23:06:44) Dumbchick: no i'm not silly
(23:06:44) Me: forget what they said
(23:06:44) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : writing a biology paper...god i just wish the semester was over...
(23:06:48) Me: i think yoru hot
(23:06:49) Me: at least
(23:06:49) Dumbchick: lol
(23:06:52) Dumbchick: thanks
(23:07:20) Dumbchick: are u using another source in your paper?
(23:08:00) Me: you don't believe me
(23:08:03) Me: but you are!
(23:08:10) Me: i think about you sometimes
(23:08:21) Me: no, i havnt found a source, i gave up
(23:08:27) Me: when i started drinking
(23:08:41) Dumbchick: omg you're getting drunk! u dont think about me....yea i don't think i can use a source in mine
(23:09:13) Me: i do
(23:09:17) Dumbchick: ok
(23:09:22) Dumbchick: i believe u
(23:16:21) Dumbchick: u ok?
(23:19:19) Me: i think
(23:19:22) Me: im just...thinking
(23:19:25) Dumbchick: yea
(23:19:30) Me: and drking
(23:19:32) Me: haha
(23:19:32) Dumbchick: don't drink too much
(23:19:35) Dumbchick: lol
(23:38:38) Dumbchick: yea im giving up on my paper
(23:38:44) Dumbchick: i'll finish it in the morning
(23:38:58) Dumbchick: i hope you're ok
(23:39:02) Dumbchick: be careful
(23:39:04) Dumbchick: see u in bio
(23:39:09) Me: ok babe
(23:39:09) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : writing a biology paper...god i just wish the semester was over...
(23:39:13) Me: see ya tommorow
(23:39:15) Me: thanks for listening
(23:39:18) Me: you are awesome
(23:39:20) Dumbchick: no problem
(23:39:24) Dumbchick: we'll go tomorrow
(23:39:28) Me: p.s. fabalous sucks for not calling
(23:39:43) Dumbchick: see ya in class.....oh sam fabulous?
(23:39:44) Me: see ya in bio...hope i can finish in the morning
(23:39:48) Me: night babe
(23:39:52) Dumbchick: yea me too...night

Man, bio should be interesting tommorow!

Phone Calls, recorded by Phyra, Fab calling as a very worried "Sam"


(23:51:39) Dumbchick: alison
(23:51:45) Dumbchick: did u have sam just call me
(23:51:54) Dumbchick: he was breaking up
(23:52:41) Dumbchick: is he calling back?
(23:52:46) Dumbchick: or talking to u now?
(23:52:54) Me: i don;'t know
(23:52:54) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : bedtime for me..i'll finish the last bit of this paper in the morning..i hope...:-\
(23:53:17) Dumbchick: hes really scared u called crying?


This morning:

(07:22:53) Dumbchick: u writing ur paper now?

Tonight (the next day):

(20:06:48) Me: hi, who is this?
(20:06:48) Dumbchick <AUTO-REPLY> : it's gonna be a bad day...
(20:07:00) Me: i've been gone for a few days and got back and my roomate has been on my computer
(20:07:03) Me: and i see some messages here
(20:07:05) Me: do i know you
(20:07:19) Dumbchick: well who are u?
(20:07:59) Me: ? im me
(20:08:04) Dumbchick: i talked to your roomate i guess lastnight, because i thought they were my friend, when i asked they said they were
(20:08:11) Dumbchick: ok well i'm me too
(20:08:26) Me: cool
(20:08:31) Me: do you know my roomate or something?
(20:08:34) Dumbchick: no
(20:08:36) Me: he's not around just trying to figure out
(20:08:38) Me: why he was on my pc
(20:09:09) Dumbchick: i imed this sn because i thought it was my friend alison...and your friend lied to me last night
(20:09:23) Dumbchick: because obvioulsy you're not alison
(20:09:52) Me: well
(20:09:57) Me: you assume thats not my name
(20:10:00) Me: but yea
(20:10:09) Me: i don't think i could pass for an alison
(20:10:17) Dumbchick: probably not if you're a guy
(20:10:30) Dumbchick: plus i talked to my friend today in class
(20:10:40) Dumbchick: and she thought i was crazy about all the stuff i was asking her about
(20:11:04) Dumbchick: you're friend told me that who i thought was alison was pregnant
(20:11:15) Me: wow

(20:11:21) Dumbchick: yea it was not cool
(20:11:26) Dumbchick: thats not a very funny joke
(20:11:29) Me: how did you not know it was your friend?
(20:11:48) Dumbchick: not a very close friend..and its not like i'm there when shes with her boyfriend
(20:12:07) Dumbchick: so how am i suppose to know..thats personal...and scary
(20:12:48) Dumbchick: but anyways your friend was being an ass last night..because he made me believe a lot of things..and then called me 3 times between 2:30 and 3;00 am
(20:12:57) Dumbchick: and woke up my roomate
(20:13:07) Me: i see
(20:13:27) Me: howd they get your phone #? did you give it to him?
(20:14:55) Dumbchick: well i think he looked it up online, no i didn't give it to him, but its on facebook....and he told me thats his comp. wasn't working and asked for a link to my page, so i thought alisons laptop was acting up i gave it....bad idea i can you please tell me who you and your friend are at least? since i talked to him so much last night...thinking it was my friend anyways...
(20:15:53) Me: just some guys
(20:16:06) Me: that sounds like a pretty far fetched story

(20:16:11) Dumbchick: it is
(20:16:11) Me: this actually happened?
(20:16:13) Dumbchick: yes
(20:16:16) Dumbchick: it was horrible
(20:16:20) Me: and you went to your class or something
(20:16:20) Dumbchick: and i'm too trusting i guess
(20:16:22) Me: and?
(20:17:04) Dumbchick: i don't know if i should talk to you anymore if i don't even know your name...i mean do you go to school even? and if so where?
(20:17:48) Me: My name is Eric, my friend call me biffins

(20:17:57) Dumbchick: omg your friend told me taht
(20:18:07) Dumbchick: but differently
(20:18:07) Me: told you what
(20:18:09) Me: who i am?
(20:18:22) Dumbchick: well he told remember i thought u were alison
(20:18:50) Dumbchick: that she was pregnant...but didn't know if it was sam's baby, because she had a one night thing with this eric guy...and he made her call him biffins
(20:19:09) Me: wow
(20:19:13) Me: is this a joke? or
(20:19:22) Dumbchick: no it was a joke on me last night
(20:19:25) Dumbchick: it was horrible
(20:19:29) Dumbchick: i thought my friend was in trouble
(20:19:34) Me: it seems kinda far fetched
(20:19:36) Me: why didnt you just like
(20:19:38) Me: call your friend
(20:20:19) Dumbchick: i did eventually but it was after a long while and it was late and see online your friend said he was drinking...

(20:21:02) Dumbchick: so when i called her i thought she understood everything..and i jsut said sam called me..cuz your friend called saying it was sam her boyfriend...and to tell him to stop calling me and that she should see if hes ok
(20:21:21) Dumbchick: and it was 3 oclock in the morning
(20:21:30) Dumbchick: so it was brief and we were half asleep
(20:21:43) Dumbchick: because we talked while i was writing a bio paper
(20:21:46) Dumbchick: so i wasn't on the phone
(20:22:05) Me: i see

(20:22:18) Me: howd you get my screen name
(20:22:31) Dumbchick: well see tahts where its confusing and how i thought u were alison
(20:23:00) Dumbchick: her email is very similar its DoubleAand then some numbers...
(20:23:20) Me: ah..well i can assure you, yoru not the first to make that mistake
(20:23:28) Dumbchick: so i thought it was her and asked if it was her when i imed the sn..and your friend lied to me
(20:23:45) Dumbchick: i feel very dumb, but still upset that your friend was a jerk to me, i was very worried

(20:24:18) Me: so what happened in your class
(20:24:21) Me: i can't even imagine
(20:24:37) Dumbchick: i kept asking her if she was ok, and she looked at me like i was crazy!
(20:24:49) Dumbchick: i thought i had to take her to planned parenthood after bio!
(20:25:18) Dumbchick: and then after class i asked her about everything and she almost screamed! and then laughed her ass off..and apologized that i had a night from hell...
(20:25:43) Dumbchick: but shes not pregnant obviously! and she didn't have a one night thing..and her bf is fine
(20:25:54) Dumbchick: but i felt like i dunno stupid

(20:28:08) Me: ahaha well... the Internet is a dangerous place
(20:28:12) Dumbchick: yes it is
(20:28:18) Dumbchick: and ur roomate was drunk i think
(20:28:22) Me: yea?
(20:28:30) Me: how do you know
(20:28:30) Dumbchick: he told me he was drinking
(20:28:36) Me: he drinks a lot, he is a really big prick
(20:28:39) Me: his name is yuffie
(20:29:31) Dumbchick: yuffie huh? different...oh yea , he said that his friends thought i was not that hot, but not to listen to them because he did..and i was like whoa alison you must be really drunk...and shes like no you're pretty
(20:29:49) Me: yea weird name, i dunno...we got stuck as roomates from our school
(20:29:59) Dumbchick: thats not a nicname?
(20:30:09) Me: not sure...his mom sends him mail
(20:30:13) Me: to "yufflez"
(20:30:19) Me: i have no idea really, i try and stay away
(20:30:22) Me: i think hes russian
(20:30:45) Dumbchick: yea sometimes you get bad roomates that way...oh yea i would too..omg! russian huh? that may explain some of his crazy drunk friends names he was sayingh
(20:31:33) Dumbchick: alisons roomate is asian so i thought they were her friends..i really can't tell foreign names apart ya know?
(20:32:02) Dumbchick: umm wow i don't know if i could even remember or spell them liecon or something

(20:32:13) Me: liecon? dunno
(20:32:16) Me: weird
(20:32:18) Dumbchick: yea i dunno
(20:32:25) Dumbchick: like i said drunk tho
(20:32:33) Me: yea russians drink a lot
(20:32:39) Dumbchick: but ok now where do u go to school? lol yes vodka
(20:32:56) Me: are you going to try and send us a mailbomb?
(20:36:48) Me: It's pretty funny really...i mean, i have no i dea who you are really, but this all sounds prety far fetched
(20:37:44) Dumbchick: i know it did to all my friends too, god it does to me, i can't believe i was that gullible, but like if alison really was pregnant, i wouldn't want to say haha very funny you're full of crap,
(20:38:18) Me: how long did you talk for
(20:38:39) Dumbchick: over an hour probably
(20:41:47) Dumbchick: i go to school in Indianapolis

(20:42:09) Dumbchick: we got 8 in. snow today
(20:42:21) Me: neat
(20:42:24) Dumbchick: and back at home for me even more, i live off of lake michigan...
(20:42:33) Dumbchick: by chicago, but in indiana
(20:44:17) Dumbchick: o
(20:44:28) Dumbchick: i'm a lifegaurd on the beach, Indiana dune state park
(20:44:29) Dumbchick: i love it

(20:45:57) Me: i can give you yuffies screen name
(20:46:01) Me: if you want to get revenge or something
(20:46:05) Dumbchick: lol
(20:46:17) Dumbchick: omg its 19 degrees here, but it feels like 3.....
(20:46:59) Dumbchick: what is your zipcode so i can put it in the weather channel thing to look up the temp?
(20:47:29) Me: Los Angeles, ca
(20:47:40) Dumbchick: lol no zipcode
(20:48:28) Me: not everyone is that stupid. LA, CA is good enough.
(20:49:05) Dumbchick: wow 61 thats nice
(20:49:18) Me: yep
(20:49:22) Me: its a tough life
(20:49:25) Dumbchick: i bet

(20:51:11) Dumbchick: ok i know this is a weird question...but your roomate said you were because he was talking about sam, alisons boyfriend being small..are you black? or was he just lying
(20:51:46) Me: small?
(20:51:50) Me: like short or something?
(20:51:58) Dumbchick: no
(20:52:03) Me: i don't follow you
(20:52:11) Dumbchick: like sam wasn't good in bed because he was small
(20:52:35) Dumbchick: which isn't true but he was feeding me lies
(20:52:47) Dumbchick: they haven't had sex yet..but thats not the point
(20:52:59) Dumbchick: he was well eric was better cuz he wasn't so small
(20:53:03) Dumbchick: and i said why does it matter
(20:53:10) Dumbchick: and he said yes...hes black...
(20:53:20) Me: lol

(20:53:32) Dumbchick: yea lol
(20:53:42) Dumbchick: so was he lying
(20:53:45) Me: what does it matter, if i was black
(20:53:48) Dumbchick: it doesn't
(20:53:49) Me: is that a midwest thing?
(20:53:53) Dumbchick: lol no
(20:54:02) Dumbchick: not at all
(20:54:49) Dumbchick: i live outside of chicago and gary and stuff..not at all...i was just curious..i'm not trying to offend you...
(20:55:16) Me: outside gary?
(20:55:18) Me: is that a person
(20:55:24) Dumbchick: no
(20:55:34) Me: i'm not, nor am i offended, just a interesting question
(20:55:46) Dumbchick: yea no Gary..the city
(20:56:08) Dumbchick: i live in valparaiso
(20:56:18) Dumbchick: but u probably don't know where that is
(20:56:19) Dumbchick: lol
(20:56:32) Me: nope
(20:57:03) Dumbchick: yea well i didn't think you were black to tell u the truth...because i don't think u wouldve been confused about the size thing! lol
(20:58:12) Dumbchick: and u know what is ironic?
(20:58:37) Me: what
(20:58:39) Dumbchick: my boyfriends name is eric too..
(20:58:46) Dumbchick: good name
(21:00:19) Me: eh
(21:00:29) Dumbchick: oh i like it
(21:02:37) Me: are you freshmen?
(21:02:43) Dumbchick: yea
(21:02:48) Dumbchick: r u?
(21:09:32) Me: no im not a freshman

(21:10:24) Dumbchick: how did u know i was a freshman?
(21:11:12) Me: i asked
(21:11:20) Me: and you said you were
(21:11:28) Dumbchick: oh well yea

(21:12:50) Dumbchick: what time is it there?
(21:13:24) Dumbchick: as you know i had a late night yesterday...and its 12:
(21:13:39) Dumbchick: 12:15 here*
(21:13:57) Me: -3
(21:13:59) Me: its 9:15
(21:14:04) Dumbchick: oh ok
(21:14:12) Dumbchick: well goodnight
(21:14:17) Me: later
(21:14:50) Dumbchick: lol
(21:14:54) Dumbchick: at least you're nice
(21:14:56) Dumbchick: goodnight

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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 12:29 am 
This was seriously the most absurdly hillarious hour of guild chat ever.
 Post subject:
PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 1:04 am brit

allsion, or so orim says ... 9_6804.jpg
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 1:39 am 
Allison is one strange person, or Brittany is dumb as a brick~
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 3:01 am 
Yea dude, i was going to study ..QQ. It was classic.
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 5:54 am 
 Post subject:
PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 9:15 am 
I just read 1/2 of this to the entire desk here lol

This is tremendous Andy, pure gold
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 9:58 am 
 Post subject:
PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 10:53 am 
this is amazing....cant wait to listen to the mp3s.
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 11:28 am 
1st one eh, 2nd one was great lol
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 11:29 am 
:bowrofl: :bowrofl: Funniest thing ever!
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 11:41 am 
you guys were on ventrilo during this? Wow...
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PostPosted: December 8th, 2005, 12:32 pm 
All I can say is that must have been an interesting Biology class today. Wish I could have seen it.
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