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Nostalrius vanilla server
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Author:  mind81 [ June 8th, 2015, 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Nostalrius vanilla server

Hey guys, I played with you on Warsong and then abit on Bonechewer. Thought you might be interested in trying Nostalrius server. Its private vanilla server that started in Feb 2015 and broke all records in popularity (hit 9000 players online not long ago and never lower then 3500). People and world pvp everywhere, soon BWL will be added, then AQ40 and Naxx.

If feeling nostalgic about good old times, try it out. But beware to be addicted again, I warned ya.

Author:  Metzer [ June 13th, 2015, 10:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Nostalrius vanilla server

A co-worker told me about and so I downloaded the client. Right now it's entertaining doing the old school stuff on a computer that's so overpowered it's not aware it's even running the game...which is refreshing for me since then.

I'm not running hardcore or anything. Just hanging out with co-workers and working our way to 60...equally as slowly as I did back in the day. Will probably do a 40man when I get there, but I won't be joining any serious raiding guilds.

Absolutely no desire to try and even bang my head through BLW+ without a VM crew behind me. And Naxx....4 horsemen...Thaddius....hell, the 2nd boss in deathknight wing that summons living/dead adds with a wall inbetween. Month-long gaps between any guild completing new bosses. Shudder.

But it's fun for now :)

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