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We killed a thing! Oct 23, 2016 - 8:31 PM PST

Tonight we killed a new dragon! We are officially a mythic guild and we would very much like a Shadow Priest to come Surrender to Madness in our raids. If you're interested please visit our recruitment forum and stay tuned for a dead Spider/Bird/Lady soon.

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We're back! And we're recruiting Warlocks! Oct 17, 2016 - 8:08 PM PST

Seven years ago Vis Maior hung up our wizard hats and called it quits. Some of us played in other guilds or on other realms, or in other games entirely, but we never lost touch with one another. With the release of Legion a handful of us decided it was time to shake off the rust and make a comeback. After all, Azeroth needs us!

We're taking a much more casual approach this time around, raiding 2 nights a week for a total of 5 hours. We have lots of old friends back with us and a handful of new ones as well. This week we finished clearing Heroic Emerald Nightmare and began progress on Mythic - and we need to add couple of dedicated individuals to our roster!

It wouldn't be Vis Maior if we didn't need a Warlock, but we'd take a Shadow Priest or a Fire Mage as well. We also need a tank class with a melee DPS offspec, and you must be comfortable switching between those roles as necessary. Ideally this would be a Druid or a Warrior.

We raid 9PM - 11PM EST on Wednesdays and 8PM EST - 11PM EST on Sundays. We have a lot of active players on every night of the week for mythic dungeons, mythic+ dungeons, normal mode raids and all manner of other activities. We are playing on Zul'jin as Alliance.

If you're interested in joining come talk to one of our members and they will direct you to an officer!

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The End Oct 5, 2009 - 8:19 PM PST

We defeated heroic Anub'arak, and that will be our final victory as a hardcore raiding guild. There was no scandal, no encounter that we couldn't beat, and our roster has 32 active raiders. In fact, we finished TotC poised to do well in Icecrown Citadel.

Why are we throwing in the towel? We realized that a large portion of our raiding core only raids out of dedication and obligation to the rest of the core. Very few of us actually enjoy the game, but no one wants to be that jerk who quits first. With Aion, new babies, and other things wanting our attention, we finally started discussing whether or not hardcore raiding was something our raiding core really wanted. It wasn't. It shows what a great community we have that so many kept playing for so long out of simple loyalty and dedication. Those members who still want to raid at a hardcore level will find new homes. The rest of us will stay on Bonechewer and play casually.

What legacy do we leave behind? In 2005, we wished the horde of Bonechewer an Emerald Christmas. During Black Temple we had every DPS scoring in the top 10 for their class on WWS scoreboard, and at one point we had 4 of the top 5 DPS parses for Teron Gorefiend. We also pioneered the bear cavalry and got a ZA bear mount for every raiding member. During Sunwell PTR we got a ton of publicity for our success and our live stream, WoW Radio interview mp3, interview review, and ptr first drama. We've been at the forefront of PvE progression ever since the beginning with a top 15 on Ragnaros, #12 Nefarian, top 10 C'thun, #3 Ouro, top 25 KT, and #6 KJ. Throughout WotLK we've gotten #3 - #23 on every kill.

  • We've had 5 west coast parties, 4 east coast parties, and attended 3 Blizzcons together.
  • We've had rap battles. (Ventrilo: right click > View > Record / Playback)
  • Kold, Rensy, and Champ played at MLG Dallas in 2008. Interview with Kold (click 'play clip' under interview with Kold)
  • Nearly every new computer in the guild was built according to the specs recommended by Fatfatty and Xender.
  • We've bought computers for two guildies. Desktop Image
  • We play many other games. The list changes constantly, but currently many of us are enjoying HoN, LoL, and Aion.
  • We goof off: Owned in AV Tunnel

This is the end of Vis Maior as a competitive raiding guild in WoW, but it isn't the end of Vis Maior. Our vent is as active as ever with PvP in WoW and nearly our entire roster playing Aion in some capacity. We are also looking forward to Diablo III and SC2. Vis Maior is not just a WoW guild, these past 5 years in WoW as well as the previous 5 years in Everquest have built a community that transcends games.

P.S. Vis Maior is no longer recruiting warlocks.

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4/5 Heroic 25 Coliseum Sep 7, 2009 - 11:43 PM PST

Within our 50 attempts this week we cleared through the twins, and got some learning attempts on Anub'arak. Xyrm recorded this video of our twins kill. Enjoy!

Also, we're looking to recruit a mage, warlock, rogue, and a healer of the non-paladin variety. Please read our recruitment tab.

posted by Reedu